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This article will help you to choose best portable battery packs to charge your phone wherever you are. Best options with different shapes, design and capacity for each budget.

In the modern world smartphones become more and more versatile, but because of big number of functions available, their batteries don’t please users with the terms of using. To cope with such problem a lot of various portable battery packs have been developed. Let’s consider them deeper.

#15 – Braven BRV-BANK

Price: $130

This battery pack from the Braven manufacturer will please you with the capacity of 6,000 mAh which means that you can charge your phone two times even when its battery was completely dead. Beside good capacity you will enjoy rubberized battery’s body, modern design, and two available USB ports. Thanks to availability of Bluetooth connection you will be able to connect your battery to smartphone and watch level of its battery, and capacity of battery pack that is left.

#14 – MAXOAK 50,000mAh

Price: $136

Having the price almost the same as the previous model, the capacity of this battery pack from MAXOAK manufacturer will impress you. The capacity of 50,000 will give you an ability to charge both your smartphone (up to four times!) and laptop. The main disadvantage of this model is its weight. But even with weight equal to three pounds, this option remains an excellent combination of performance and price.

#13 – Aukey Portable Charger

Price: $35

This option has more affordable price in comparison with two previous options, but its characteristics don’t lag behind other popular options. Capacity of 20,000 mAh will allow you to charge your smartphone up to six times. Thanks to two USB ports availale you can connect this charger to the laptop too. Among other attractive features you will be pleased with two years warranty from the Aukey manufacturer.


Price: from $37

The capacity of this cool portable charger is equal to 5,200 mAh as you might guess from the title ‘ENERGI 5K+ ’. This battery pack from the TYLT manufacturer is compatible with all Apple production. You can also use it with almost every Android smartphone too. Lightning cables and available micro USB port complete the ideal picture of this charger.

#11 – myCharge HubMax 10,050 mAh

Price: $71

This multitasking option will provide you with good 10,050 mAh capacity and an available micro USB cable. Minimalistic design and high-quality features make this option one of the most popular chargers nowadays.

#10 – Anker PowerCore+ mini

Price: from $13

This stylish battery pack with the size and form as lipstick is the most popular option on the Amazon. With the small size and convenient form this mini charger has unexpectedly high capacity of 3,350 mAh. This option from the Anker manufacturer is compatible with Apple and Android production. With the availability of different bright colors these battery packs will not leave you indifferent.

#9 – Outdoor Tech Kodiak Mini 2.0

Price: $23

This unique option with stylish waterproof and rubberized body is the perfect variant to take to your next camping trip. Capacity of 2,600 mAh will make you able to charge your phone wherever you will be. With the 1A full USB output this model fits almost all Android and all Apple smartphones. Modern design and good characteristics make this option the best one for the people who like spending their free time outdoors.

#8 – AmazonBasics Portable Power Bank with Micro USB Cable

Price: from $16

This portable battery with capacity of 5,600 mAh can quickly charge your phone several times. Battery fits production from Apple manufacturer and majority of Android smartphones. Together with this charger you will find removable micro USB cable. Quality option from world famous AmazonBasics manufacturer at very low prices.


#7 – Aukey 30,000 mAh Charger

Price: $50

This model is great for those people who are searching for charger for different devices. This battery pack with the capacity of 30,000 mAh will easily charge everything you want. You will also be pleased with support for Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and built-in flashlight.

#6 – mophie Powerstation

Price: from $30

This charger from the world known manufacturer offers different capacities available to users. You are able to choose among different capacities starting from 2,000 mAh and to 15,000 mAh. Durable construction made of aluminum and two USB outputs puts this model on the TOP position available nowadays. LED Indicator of the battery level is also available.

#5 – PowerAll Supreme 16,000mAh

Price: $96

All car owners will immediately fall in love with this charger because of its ability to be a jump starter for your car with the energy of 12V 600A. Beside this feature, PowerAll Supreme charger has great capacity of 16,000 mAh and two available 2.1A USB outputs. With this battery pack you will also get special cables to bundle it with all devices you want to charge. Integral accessory for each car owner with an affordable price and good characteristics.

#4 – ASUS ZenPower 10,050mAh

Price: $25

Modern style together with high performance has perfectly united in this model. Great capacity of 10,050 mAh allows you to charge all your devices including tablet, laptop and smartphone. Output with power of 2.4A significantly reduces charging time. Wide range of bright modern colors is also offered. Enjoy your fully and quickly charged devices with the ZenPower battery pack from ASUS.

#3 – Nomad Advanced Trackable PowerPack

Price: $100

This durable model will provide you with good capacity equal to 9,000 mAh and two USB-C outputs. The distinctive feature of this charger is its Tile tracker that is built in and allows you to find your charger through an app that can be installed on your tablet or smartphone. Among additional features you will find flashlight and USB connector. Extremely durable and quality model at rather low price.

#2 – PNY T2200

Price: from $8

No, you are not mistaken, the price of this amazing bright charger is less than even $10! With the capacity of 2,200 mAh this charger will present your dead phone up to the whole day of life. This model is equipped with one 1A full USB output. Wide choice of bright colors and unbelievably low price has made this battery pack xtremely popular among youth.

#1 – Anker PowerCore 10,000

Price: from $33

This option is one of the giants in the world of battery packs. Having the capacity of 10,000 mAh and standard connector that makes it able to connect easily with all your gadgets, this option is an integral part of our modern life. All owners of Apple and Android production can forget about gadgets that are discharged at the most inopportune moment. Thanks to the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 this charger can bring back to life your smartphone or other gadgets as quickly as standard wall charger does.