Update your old TV with our 10 best streaming devices!

Nowadays technologies are developing with incredible speed and your TV that just yesterday have been among TOP options have in a moment turned into old one today. To bring new life for your TV we present you the best streaming media players from such well known brands as Roku, Google and Apple.

We have prepared an amazing table for you in order to help you choose which one of available streaming devices will fit you most of all:

Consider this graph attentively and you will definitely make a correct choice. And now let’s start our list of 10 best streaming devices:

#10 – TiVo BOLT DVR and Stream

Price: $159

This streaming device will please you with 500GB of storage and availability to provide you with the latest TV generation by streaming 4K content. For those users who like watching their favorite shows but can’t rupture between them because they are shown at one time, this option has a feature of recording up to 4 shows at the same time.

#9 – Roku Premiere Media Streaming Device

Price: $69

This option is created for those who dream about 4K delivering but have a very limited budget. With less than $100 you will be provided with easy access to all available popular streaming services, while processor equipped with quad-cores take care about high-quality UHD video. Fast Wi-Fi connectivity is also available here. Moreover in addition to this you will get the top-notch remote control together with your new gadget.

#8 – Amazon Fire TV Stick Streaming Device

Price: $40

Thanks to the Alexa state-of-art platform for smart home, current option from Amazon is among the smartest models available nowadays. With this gadget you will be able to watch your favorite content, search for new one and together with this even make orders by connecting this device with compatible ones. It means that you can order all things you need with this TV Stick without leaving home.

#7 – Roku Streaming Stick

Price: $40

With this option from Roku you can enjoy Full HD video from every popular streaming service thanks to its good connection. Compact size and simple using have made this option very popular. Among other advantages you will find top-notch remote control and ability to show content from your smartphone by using a special app.

#6 – Apple TV (4th generation) for Streaming

Price: from $149

This option from Apple is equipped with remote that has support of voice and touch control, Siri and fast hardware too. The device doesn’t stream 4K content, but it will please you with other excellent features. With this device you will get an access to the extensive Apple catalog of different shows and your favorite movies and be able to play your favorite games by connecting to additional controllers (wireless ones, of course).


#5 – Google Chromecast Ultra for Media Streaming

Price: $59

With this modern option from Google you will be able not only enjoy HDR content from such providers as Netflix or YouTube and streaming 4K, but also get easy access to all available shows and various movies in the Google catalog. Moreover thanks to this modern streaming device you can mirror screen of your smarthpone or the content of your browser (Chrome of course).

#4 – Roku Ultra Streaming Device

Price: $110

Having the ability of streaming 4K video with 60fps, digital output for audio and support for HDR content this model occupies TOP positions on the charts in many countries all over the world. The first-class remote is equipped with qualitative audio jack giving you an ability of private listening.

#3 – Amazon Fire TV Streaming Device

Price: $90

Run apps from Android, watch your lovely movies and TV – shows, enjoy content streamed from such famous providers as, for example, Netflix beside its own Amazon’s library – all this you can do with this option from Amazon. Expandable memory and support of 4K HDR video are also available. One moment that requires your attention is that you need a Prime account on Amazon.

#2 – NVIDIA SHIELD TV Streaming Device

Price: from $200

Watch your lovely shows on Amazon Prime and Netflix in premium 4K with this streaming device by NVIDIA. Great 500GB storage, numerous games and potent chipset Tegra X1 will bring you lots of amazing games beside only streaming content. In fact this device is the first-class gaming console that is artfully disguised as TV box by Android that fully satisfy all your gaming requirements.

#1 – Roku Express Ful HD Streaming Device

Price: $29

This small and cheap streaming device can boast of number of high-end features unexpected for such price tag. Beside famous Roku’s top-notch remote control you will get Full HD content streamed from such famous services as HBO Go, Netflix, Sling TV and Amazon Prime available nowadays. Easy in using and setup, compact and convenient in size, this affordable gadget can become your favorite one.