To pick the best fitness tracker that will fit your needs you must think over the main moment. The moment is for what purposes you need this tracker. People who need it to measure calories and steps during a day don’t have to buy expensive models with the great number of available features. At the same time, if you can’t imagine your life without biking or cycling, than it will be better to choose option with available GPS navigator among available features. In this article you will find different option for different purposes and will be able to choose the best one.

Welcome to our TOP 15 fitness tracker review!

#1 – Timex Metropolitan+ Smartwatch and Tracker

Price: from $102

With this tracker you can go to a gym as well as go to work because it completely looks like a watch. This option will fit to all your activities and doesn’t require the sport style of your clothes. You are able to track your burned calories and steps during a day and also set sleep patterns.

#2 – Huawei Fit Smartwatch

Price: from $90

This bright model from Huawei will fit those people who prefer an active lifestyle. Thanks to its waterproof construction you will be able even to swim with this tracker. Heart-rate monitor and long-lasting battery which can live up to seven days will also please you. As well as other high-end options this tracker can be compatible both with Android and iOS based devices.

#3 – Garmin vívoactive HR Smart Watch

Price: from $200

With this model from Garmin manufacturer you will be able to track your heart rate on the display of this tracker. Powerful battery will provide you with more than eight days of continuous using. Among other additional features you will find GPS navigator and availability to get variable notifications from your smartphone. Stylish design, color display and high-end features – it is all about the Garmin vívoactive HR Smart Watch.

#4 – Polar V800 Fitness Watch

Price: from $348

The price of this model is rather high, but you can be sure that you have wasted your money, because you will get a kit of high-end features. Beside the heart-rate that will be visualized on the monitor of this watch, you will also get GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. Among other advantages you will find fully waterproofed construction and availability to choose profile according to your kind of sport.

#5 – Garmin Forerunner 230 Running Watch

Price: $175

This option from Garmin manufacturer is created by runners and for runners, so you will be provided with all necessary features for convenient using while running. This watch is water resistant and can boast of an excellent battery. The GPS navigator that is built in this model together with the large screen with big digits can provide you with detailed mapping and availability to check all necessary info about your running by just taking a quick glance on the screen.

#6 – Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

Price: from $106

Thos modern tracker with the replaceable bands can become a great addition to your trainings. You will be provided with the kit of such useful features as info about your heart rate, your various fitness data and notifications from your compatible smartphone. Easy interface and minimalistic design make this bright option very popular nowadays.

#7 – Misfit Ray Activity Tracker

Price: from $50

Incredibly stylish minimalistic design of this tracker will definitely attract lot of admired glances. This waterproof tracker has many high-end characteristics, but the main thing that it can be boast of is the life of its battery. This tracker can work up to six month! till you will be need to charge it. Impressive, isn’t it? It is also equipped with number of available activities and can show you various notifications from your smartphone.

#8 – Garmin vívosmart HR+ Workout Tracker

Price: $180

Another option from Garmin has bright design, heart-rate information on its display and availability to show you notifications from your compatible smartphone. The battery of the Garmin vívosmart HR+ can boast of long life duration thanks to its energy-saving display. You can also choose this option in different bright colors.

#9 – Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Tracker

Price: $60

This thin and stylish waterproof tracker doesn’t have display, but is equipped with all necessary basic features such as availability to count distance, steps and calories. Also with this option you can set your sleep patterns and count the number of climbed floors. You are able to check all info from this tracker through the app on your smartpone.

#10 – Emporio Armani Renato Hybrid Smartwatch

Price: $295

This stylish option from Emporio Armani looks rather like luxurious watch for your next business conference than watch for tracking activity, but it is not so. This smartwatch will track all your activities and show you notifications from the smartphone. Waterproofed construction makes this watch a perfect model for business people who like an active lifestyle.

#11 – Fitbit Charge 2 Tracker

Price: from $149

The next option in our list is created by Fitbit. Minimalistic style and useful features have perfectly united in this tracker. The tracker is equipped with GPS navigator, availability to track rate of your heart and OLED screen. You can also be provided with personally developed breathing exercises and replaceable bands.

#12 – Polar M600 Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

Price: $330

This stellar option from Polar can be capable with your Android smartphone through the app. This smartwatch has first-class heart rate indicator, GPS and can help you to form your trainings at gym. Stylish design and swappable bracelets will also please you.

#13 – Samsung Gear Fit2 Watch and Tracker

Price: from $161 

Forget about taking your phone to gym trainings with this model from Samsung. Thanks to Spotify integration that is built in this tracker you will be able to enjoy your favorite tracks without smartphone. The unique curved Super Amoled touch screen of this device will make your heart beating faster from delight. Simple interface and numerous features such as GPS and heart rate indicator will not also leave you indifferent.

#14 – Apple Watch Series 2 Smartwatch


Price: from $369

This model by Apple can be used both by beginners in sport and experienced workout professionals. Thanks to waterproof construction, light weight and very accurate heart rate indicator this model occupy the TOP positions in many charts nowadays. Simple interface and various styles of design make you fall in love with this option.

#15 – Fitbit Alta HR


Price: $149

Last option in our chart is made by Fitbit and can boast of such characteristics as OLED touchscreen and availability of tracking your heart rate. With this option you can also check and set the patterns of your sleep. All necessary data about your health and trainings are available with this tracker.